C.A.R.S. CLUB OF SUN CITIES, INC.  This active car club was formed in 1982 to serve the needs of car buffs in the Sun Cities and surrounding area.  They are more restrictive on the cars they accept into the club.

VINTAGE CHEVROLET CLUB  A fun website for Chevy lovers.  Be sure to check out the jukebox under the Fun Stuff link.

MODEL T FORD CLUB  Got a tin Lizzy?  This is the site for you.

MARTIN AUTO MUSEUM  The website of our local car museum.

JAZZ for music lovers.

OLSON’S GASKETS  This is a website for anyone looking for hard to find gaskets for their vehicle

HOSE ADVANTAGE STORE  This website makes all kinds of hoses

Evans waterless coolant video

Evans waterless coolant revisited

Evans waterless coolant homepage

Evapo Rust video

Thermocure video

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