Cheers, Tears & Pit Stops


This page is dedicated to provide information about our members that is of interest to the other members.  Cheers represents the good information that we need to share, such as birthdays, weddings, new grandchildren, etc.  Pit Stops represents information about members having difficult times, such as illness, hospitalization , or other difficulties.  Tears represents news about members and relatives who have passed away.
Please contact a Club Services Committee member, such as Yvonne Ahrens at 217-899-7842 or email ; Marilyn Miller 509-279-4952; Nancy Oyler 480-558-6717 with information.
Please keep the following individuals in your thoughts.  If you know them personally, I’m sure they would love to hear from you.  We know that many of our members are facing some challenges right now but wish to remain private.  We are thinking of you and wishing you brighter days ahead.
Please let us know if you hear of someone we should be in contact with.


Happy B-Day to Marilyn Braemer/Miller, Grace Nienhuis, Pat Spindle



Beth Smiths sister in Alaska passed away earlier this month 
Our sympathies to her and her family on the loss of her siblings 

Beth smiths brother was killed in car accident

Our sympathies to Tim & Jo Shelton on the passing of Jo’s Mother on April 12th.

Pit Stops

Richard Holcomb is in hospital with lung infection.  He was discharged yesterday 04/29/2023 & home now.

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