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Vintage Vehicles of Sun City

The Club’s vision is to create a member operated full service Automotive Service Center for the club’s members who have an interest in the maintenance of daily drivers, restoration of vehicles and creation of hot rods and custom cars.  The Vintage Vehicles of Sun City Club was formed in 2015.

The club facility will be a part of the Recreation Centers of Sun City (RCSC) and membership in the club is open to all RCSC card holders.  In addition to a shop to work on vehicles, it will also serve as a club meeting place, training facility, museum and library for automotive resource material. It will provide a clean, safe working and learning environment for its members adding a unique amenity for Sun City, AZ.

The activities of the Club will include social and charitable activities such as car shows, cruises, picnics, and fund raisers for local charities and to raise funds for the club.  Vintage Vehicles  of Sun City will provide another reason for people to consider Sun City, AZ for retirement.


Vintage Vehicles of Sun City  Rules & Regulations        RCSC Board Policy 12

A Brief History of the Founding of the Vintage Vehicles of Sun City

One fine fall day Bud Heintz visited the RCSC office to find out where to join a car club.  He was told they didn’t have one, and suggested he should start one.  With their guidance in November 2014 he put an article in a local paper asking anyone interested in starting a car club to contact him.

One of the first to do so was Al Baxley who offered to help and suggested Jon Braemer would be a good recruit because of his former experience with the RCSC board of directors.  The first meeting had 4 people.  The second meeting attracted 17 others.

They set up a core group that consisted of Bud Heintz, Al Baxley, Jon Braemer, Scott Donkers, Gary Davis, Michael Weber and Warren Clucker.  Subsequent meetings brought in many others.  And they managed to get a charter approved by RCSC on January 29, 2015.


Bud had to step back for personal reasons, so the first board of directors fell to Jon Braemer, President; Al Baxley, Vice President; Warren Clucker; Treasurer; Michael Weber, Secretary; Scott Donkers, Member at Large; and Gary Davis, Member at Large.

While Jon Braemer dealt with RCSC, Al Baxley and Scott Donkers took charge of keeping the membership informed.  Al with emails and Scott with newsletters.  During the first year all of these individuals and many others worked very hard to get the club going.

Vintage Vehicles of Sun City club is only open to RCSC Cardholders


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